Are you having problems in any of the following areas?

Finances. Does money seem to leave as soon as it arrives? Or does wealth just never make it to your door at all? The proper application of feng shui principles can help make a shift in your money luck.

Chronic illness. Establishing a better energy flow and aligning yourself with your personal health direction, especially when you sleep, is a powerful way to support healing.

Relationships. If you’re lonely and looking for a partner, or experiencing conflicts and arguments in the home, feng shui can help.

Business and career.  Whether you’re self employed and wanting to ramp up your business, or you work for someone else and are looking for advancement, feng shui principles can powerfully catalyze changes for you.

Bad luck, fatigue, lack of direction in life. Perhaps you just feel stuck, frustrated, confused and overwhelmed. This is often a symptom of poor alignment or stagnant qi in your home. Sometimes a few simple corrections can create a major shift for you.

If you’ve made it to this site, you are probably already familiar with some aspects of feng shui, and may have even read some books about it. But books can only take you so far and most don’t even attempt to cover the more sophisticated tools of this ancient science. So it makes sense to get help from a professional consultant.

I am a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, in practice now for over 20 years. Feng Shui, the art of harmonious alignment with your environment, has been a part of Chinese culture and medicine for thousands of years. Now, more and more people in the West are seeking to understand and apply the principles of this ancient science to improve their happiness, health, and luck in life.

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