Stop worrying about clutter, just move your stuff around

You see it all the time in feng shui books–move your stuff, get rid of your clutter, empty out your closets! The weight of all our unused stuff, we are told, is ruining our love lives and wrecking our finances. Most of us have carried the burden of clutter at one time or another, and some of us feel positively buried, if not by the stuff at least by the guilt it brings on. So I’d like to give you a slightly different perspective– it’s not about the clutter, it’s the lack of movement. There is a fine distinction. Continue reading

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The Doctor from Heaven

I recently suggested to one of my acupuncture clients that we schedule a feng shui visit to her home.  She has a serious chronic illness, and I wanted to be sure that her home environment supported her healing. She looked at me in some confusion, and said, “what does my house have to do with anything?” Continue reading

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