nch03I offer several levels of consultation, depending on your needs and the size of your property. If you’re not sure which type of visit is best for you, please contact me and I can give you some guidance. My goal is to help you create the most harmonious environment possible, at a cost that fits your budget. Special projects are welcome.



Complete Home Analysis

Part one: Home visit and walk through for assessment of form and flow, from the surrounding land and  front    entrance, to individual rooms.

Part two: Ba Zhai & Ming Gua analysis (your home’s trigram and your personal trigram and auspicious directions.) Uses elemental balancing to fine tune the house in relation to the occupants’ personal astrology and best directions.

Part three: Flying Star analysis—sophisticated assessment based on your home’s construction date and compass facing, including suggestions for supporting areas of auspicious qi and dispelling afflictions.

The Complete Home Analysis includes a detailed written report and a follow up visit to help you  integrate suggested changes.

Fee: Between $695 and $895, based on complexity of project.

Mini Assessment

Site visit and walkthrough to analyze form and flow, with suggestions to improve chi flow and resolve areas of stagnation. Emphasis on front entryway, bedrooms, and any area of the home you are not comfortable with. (This is essentially Part one of the Complete Home Analysis above.)

Fee:  $295

Special Projects

Everything from a simple one room analysis to a major remodel that might need to be done in stages.

Fee:  $125 an hour with a two hour minimum visit

A small additional fee will be added for travel outside of Santa Cruz County.

Chinese Astrology Readings

Natal chart readings using Zi Wei Dou Shu (Pole Star Fate calculation).
Fee: $125


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